Private Treaty IV

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**Updated 12/17/2018

Call John Long, our Ranch Manager for information on these Bulls.  254-730-1492 Or Mackie Bounds 254-644-1957

06717  SWB New World

C 1091495    4/2/2017    surgically dehorned

New Dimension x SWB Sugar Jumbles

Sells @ Three Rivers January 2019

 08916  SWB Sir Duke


9/13/2016  Scurs

Red Ryder x SWB Lovely 

Sells @ Three Rivers January 2019


00717  SWB Paradigm Shift

C1082891  2/19/2017

Surgically Horned

VFF Torq'd x SWB Lovely

 Out of our great herdsier Torq'd and Miss Beefmaster 2013 SWB Lovely.  Great Pedigree.  IMF EPD is in the top 25% of the breed.  He has a actual 3.42 IMF.  In the GrowSafe feed test he had a -0.46 RFI.  That means a great feed to gain to ratio.  Feed efficiency at its best!  GEnotyped and Parent Verified.





03217 SWB American Dream


4/28/2017  Surgically Horned

CF Dream Catcher x SWB Wild Child

Here is a great Dream Catcher son out of SWB Wild Child.  Steve Dodds bourght her at our 2015 Production Sale for $30,000.  Great Performance.  WWT EPD Top 20%, YWT EPD Top 10%, SC EPD Top 35%, Fat EPD Top 10% and Dollar T is in the to 10%.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.


14816  SWB Equalizer

C1082884   12/22/2016  Surgically Horned

VFF Torq'd x CF Strawberry Delight

A Torq'd son out of our Donor Strawberry Delight.  Look at the Pedigee.  Sugar Britches, Oasis top and bottom, Logan, Mona Lisa, Bengal Baby, Spartacus, Dr. Love, Synergy.  He is in the top 30% when it comes to his BWT EPD.  Do you need a low birth weight bull.  Here he is.  He has a actual Ribeye of 10.38 and a 3.50 IMF.  Great performance.  Listen to this he finished in the top 5 of the GrowSafe Feed test with a -0l90 RFI.  That is efficient.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.




01417 SWB Substance

C1082669 2/24/2017

surgically dehorned

VFF Torq'd x SWB Petunia

We know Torq'd has produced some of the nicest looking bulls in our breed.  On top of that this one is out of our great donor SWB Petunia.  Has Performance.  He has a 10.62 Ribeye and a 2.64 IMF.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.

Sells in San Antonio on Feb. 9th at the San Antonio International Subasta Sale.