Private Treaty IV

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updated 6/07/2017

Call John Long, our Ranch Manager for information on these Bulls.  254-730-1492

SWB Hemi   Sold

C 1047178     ID # 07514

10/17/2014    Polled

Bullet Proof x Passion (1116/09)

Here is a very powerful Bullet Proof son.  We know that Bullet Proof has sired some great females and bulls.  Now let me tell you his sons may be doing a better job.  SWB Hemi has a 10.97 Ribeye with a 111 Ratio and a 3.8 IMF with a 115 ratio.  On our GDC feed test he gained 4.79 lbs per day over a 120 day period.  His IMF EPD's are in the top 30% of the breed. You need to make this young bull your next herdsire.

 SWB Captain Jumbles He Sells at the SFA Purple Sale Nov. 12, 2016

C1048541 ID# 07014

10/15/2014  Horned

Captain Dream x SWB Sugar Jumbles

Dark Red and has the Phenotype.  Very thick and smooth.  He has plenty of muscle and will breed value into your herd.  His carcass data was good.  Look at this!  He had a 4.32 IMF.  You can put this bull on your commercial herd or your purebred animals and let him put value in your next calf crop.



SWB Final Notice  Sold

C1049930  ID# 11214

9/02/2014  Horned

Logan x EMS Queen of Diamonds



SWB IQ Plus sold

C1049933  ID# 11514

9/4/2014  Horned

Logan x EMS Queen of Diamonds


SWB Lyman  Sold

C1058147  ID# 04715

3/4/2015 Polled

Bullet Proof x Starburst

This has been some great breeding for SWB Ranch.  One of our top donors, SWB Petunia came fromthis same breeding.  She was the 2012 Performance Champion at the BBU Convention.  Here is that Performance once again in SWB Lyman.  He has a 3.59 IMF witha 106 ratio.  Good growth EPD's and in the top 5% of the breed with his IMF EPD's.  On the Grow Safe feed test he gained 3.57 lbs pers day and had a 0.42 RFI.  This is what you call Performance meeting Style.



SWB Disco  Sold

C1049937  ID# 11914

9/1/2014  Horned

Logan x SWB Dotsy


SWB On Target

C1048791  ID# 07914

10/21/2014  Horned

Bullet Proof x SWB Lovely (2013 Miss Beefmaster America)

Wow!  Bullet Proof son out of Miss Beefmaster 2013, SWB Lovely.  You just don't get many chances like this.  This young bull has a 4.1 IMF.  He has plenty of muscle and is very clean.  His EPD's are outstanding.  His WW EPD is in the top 30% of the breed, YW EPD is in the top 30% of the breed, his IMF EPD is in the top 30% of the breed.  In our GDC feed test, he gained 4.29 lbs per day over the 120 day period.  This bull has all of it in one package.  This one can produce you some great ones!


SWB 250 Savage  He sells at the LBBA Cowboy Classic Nov. 5, 2016

C1047182  ID# 08314

10/25/2014   Horned

Bullet Proof x Passion 1116/09

Here is another great Bullet Proof son.  He is waiting to produce you some great calves on your ranch.  He has a 10.11 Ribeye and a 3.29 IMF!  He has good EPD's go go along with very strong carcass numbers.  On our GDC feed test he averaged 4 lbs. per day and had a 0.75 RFI.  This bull has a ton of muscle and he is built right!  He has the carcass numbers and is very feed efficient.  He is ready to go home with you!


Eye of the Bullet

C1054293  ID# 00815

2/11/2015  surgically dehorned

Bullseye x SWB Lovely

Gary Maneth and I share this bull.  Out of the great Bullet Poof son and Miss Beefmaster 2013 SWB Lovely.  The Eye of the Bullet is smooth, travels out great and a very strong topline.  This Beefmaster bull will put value in the herd.  He has a 3.2 IMF with a 105 ratio.  This is where performance meets style.  His YW EPD's are in the top 30% of  the breed.  In the GrowSafe Feed Test he gained 4 lbs per day and had a -1.10 RFI.  This boy takes a little bit of feed to gain and maintain weight.  Heterosis in Action!

He Sells at the East Texas / Louisana Marketing Group Sale April 21st!

SWB Full Load Sold

C1047175  ID#08514

11/1/2014   Polled

Bullet Proof x Strawberry Delight

Another great Bullet Proof son.  Dark, red, classy, plenty of muscle, good length and a strong topline.  We know Bullet Proof sons can produce the great ones.  Oh yes, he has plenty of Performance.  Has a 3.62 IMF with a 101 ratio.  And look at his EPD's.  WW EPD is in the top 20% of the breed, YW EPD's is in the top 10% of the breed.  That is performance.  On the GrowSafe Feed Test, he gained 3.51 lbs per day and had a 0.57 RFI.  This will make someone a great Beefmaster herdsire.

 He SELLS in Three Rivers or Houston in 2017!


SWB Triple Crowne  Sold to Jorge L Luna

C1049936  ID# 11814

9/6/2014  Horned

Bullet Proof x Magical Pearl


SWB Inferno  Sold
C1049938  ID#12014
Logan x EMS Queen of Diamonds 
Sells at Miss South Texas October 8th, 2016

SWB Moddy Blue

C1053003  ID# 12614

11/11/2014  Polled

SWB Black Powder x Orphan Angel

Here is a great opportunity!  Polled!  Mottle Face!  Massive!  Muscle! Built Right! Out of the flush mate of Smith & Wesson, SWB Black Powder.  Then on the bottom side it goes back to the great Angel cow that Bradley had before selling out.  He has a 10.5 Rib-eye and a 5.12 IMF with a 146 ratio.  That is Performance.  Put this man to work in your herd.  By the way he is also very gentle.