Private Treaty II

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**New Updates-12/14/2021**


SWB 00320 C1120260
I love this combination.  SWB Luckenbach x Angel of the Morning.  Great Beefmaster Herdsire x a Great Donor.  Dollar T to 15% and Dollar M top 20%.  BWT top 35%, WWT top 20% and YWT top 15%.  Great EPD's.  13.10 Ribeye and a 1.72 IMF.  Long and plenty of muscle.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.  Great Price.  Call Clay Howell.  830-591-4497.

Sold SWB 2120 C1120275


If you want some powerful breeding than you can stop right here.  SWB Luckenbach x Hood Wonder Woman.  Perfect Red, Long, bunches of muscle and the right phenotype.  Dollar T top 20% & Dollar M top 25%.  WWT and YWT is in the top 20%.  This is what you call great Beefmaster EPD's.  13.62 Ribeye and a 2.00 IMF.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.  Great Price.  Call Clay Howell 830-591-4497


SWB 07320 C1123078


A powerful SWB Luckenbach son going back to the great Aristocrate bull on the bottom.  This is what you call Bull Breeding.  It makes the good nones.  SWB 07320 is a powerhouse with great length and plenty of muscle.  His performance is outstanding.  This Beefmaster Bull has a 12.57 Ribeye and a3.52 IMF.  Genotyped and sire verified.   Great Price.  Call Clay Howell.  830-591-4497


SWB 02320  C1120680


Bullet Proof x Polled Sexy Dream.  I can stop right there, but I will tell you that Bullet Proof sons produces better than the Great Beefmaster Herdsire Bullet Proof himself.  SWB 2320 is long, lots of muscle and the perfect red.  Put his dude in your herd.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.  Great Price.   Call Clay Howell.  830-591-4497.



SWB 05320 C1122039


We don't have much of this Beefmaster breeding left.  We lost SWB Top End last year and after seeing his calf cro, we wish everyday that he was back.  The pedigree is unbelieveable. Sugar Britches, CF Clepatria, Vision, Logan, Penelope, Jackpot and it goes on and on.  Great length and muscle.  Genotyped & sire verified.  Great Price.  Call Clay Howell 830-591-4497



SWB 06120 C11233051


Wow!  CJ Moneymaker x CF Cleopatra.  A great mating.  Calving Ease EPD is in the top 25% of the breed.  Look at this Beefmaster Herdsire Bull's length and depth of body and all that muscle.  On top of that SWB 0120 has great performance.  11.64 Ribeye and a 2.99 IMF.  Genotyped and Dam Verified.  Great Price.  Call Clay Howell 830-591-4497.





Swinging B Beefmaster Ranch

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