Private Treaty II

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**New Updates-- 12/17/2018


12916  SWB Country Bumpkin
C1080728 11/5/2016
VFF Torq'd x River Queen
surgically dehorned
We do not have many Torq'd sons left.  Our Ranch Manager John Long won the Lone Star Bull Sale in 2017 and had the second highest bull that sold this year.  Both were out of Torq'd.  SWB Country Bumpkin is out of our donor River Queen.  His MK EPD is in the top 35% of the breed. He has a 11.11 Ribeye and a 2.51 IMF.  He did great on the GrowSafe test scoring a RFI of 0.04.  That proves it does not take alot of food to keep him in shape.  Geneotyped and Parent Verified.

01517 SWB Gangster

C1082670 2/25/2017

Ace in the Hole x Jazzie

surgically dehorned

Wow!  You better get this quick.  Ace in the Hole x Jazzie both have passed.  Look at the performance on this young Beefmaster Herdsire.  WWT EPD Top 30%, YWT EPD top 15%, MCE EPD Top 10%, MWWT EPD Top 35%, REA EPD Top 25%, Dollar T is in the to 15%.  He had a actual 9.96 Ribeye and a 2.86 IMF.  Great Performance and grea Feed Efficency.  In the GrowSafe Feed test he had a -0.66 RFI.  He has been Genotyped and Parent Verified.


03817 SWB Express

C1085129   4/30/17

Red Ryder x Polled Sexy Dream

surgically dehorned

Red Ryder Son out of  Donor Polled Sexy Dream.  Hard to beat this Pedigree.  His performance numbers are even more impressive.  WWT EPD Top 35%, YWT EPD Top 20%, SC EPD Top 35%, MIK EPD Top 30%, MWWT EPD Top 30%, REA EPD Top 25%, Fat EPD Top 40% and Dollar T Top 20%.  SWB Express is "Performance".  His actual Ribeye is a 10.31.  He finished 4th in the GrowSafe Feed Test with a -1.79 RFI.  Feed Efficency Delux.  Genotyped and Parent Verified. 



01217  SWB Worth A Fortune

C1082663  2/24/2017

VFF Torq'd x SWB Petunia

surgically dehorned

Great Pedigree. Top 45%, Dollar M & IMF EPD Top 45%.  A actual 9.69 Ribeye and a 3.0 IMF.  Great Performance.  He had a 0.88 RFE.  Perfect example of Feed Efficency.  Has been Genotyped and Parent Verified.




13716  SWB Kargo

C1082230   10/31/2016 

CF Adonis x SWB Petunia

surgically dehorned



06617  SWB Shoot Out

C1091489  3/24/2017  scurs

Bullet Proof x Miranda

We know Bullet Proof sons perform in a great way.  They have performance and efficiency. This bull has great EPD's. WWT Top 30%, YWT To 30%, SC Top 35%, IMF Top 35%, Dollar T Top 25%, Dollar M Top 40%.  On top of that he has a 10.67 Ribeye.  On the GrowSafe feed test this Beefmaster Bull had a -1.85 RFI.  Third Best in the Test.  Genotyped and Parent Verified.






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